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Does Rodan + Fields Really Work?

YES! After my official 8 week experiment, I am saying yes, RODAN + FIELDS does work. For me personally, it was not an overnight process. Some of my friends had the same amazing results in just 2 weeks! Truthfully, I don’t care because no other products have even come close to fulfilling what the packaging promised.

Rodan and Fields’ REDEFINE promised and delivered on the following results:

  • Smaller pores – YES!
  • Reduced appearance of fine lines – YES!
  • Softer skin – YES!
  • More even tone / Reduced redness – Yes!
  • Zit zapper – YES!
  • Parenthesis – No so much

Also, I am less oily, but that was just a bonus. I am told that over time, the results will continue to improve. This makes total sense because if I don’t get new zits then I won’t get anymore scarring. Also, the brown spots and existing scarring will continue to fade. That last point is true even without the products, because your skin naturally will renew itself. This way, I am just helping the process move along faster.



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